About the company

The history of OFO company, currently seated in Zalesie Barcińskie, dates back to the autumn of 1992. Owners of the company at that time, i.e. Wojciech Olejnik, Krzysztof Fojucik and Andrzej Olejnik decided to establish a partnership operating under the name OFO, derived from the first letters of their last names.

Originally functioning as a civil partnership, the company transformed over the years into a general partnership, to create a limited liability partnership in 2003. First headquarters of the company were in Barcin, and as it was transformed into a general partnership, the seat of the company was moved to Zalesie Barcińskie, where it remains to this day.

Since the very beginning we have been a manufacturing company, paying great attention to the quality of our products. This can be achieved by means of modern production lines we have. Due to the characters our business – production of thinners – we attach utmost importance to health and safety at work and fire safety. Profile of our operations requires the company to observe a number of restrictive legal provisions related to fire protection, building law, occupational health and safety regulations, including the provisions on health and safety at work in possibly present dangerous explosive atmospheres.


Over the course of years of our operations we have gradually extended our offer, introducing to trading high-end products ranging from thinners, through construction chemistry and automotive chemistry. Philosophy of our company is based on a long-term cooperation, effected by very close relations with our partners. We offer our products all over Poland – directly and through a network of trade partners, which helps us to be a company with recognisable brand and steady position on the market. Also, w e have been broadening our business on foreign markets for several years now.

Yours truly, Tomasz FojucikpodpisPresident of the Board